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Clever Goat Media and Marketing is a full-stack agency website design, marketing, advertising and SEO, that was founded by Gia Dattilo-Luciano. With the love of technology and the World Wide Web, Gia began her interest in website design in the early years of Adobe Dreamweaver.  She acquired the first version of Adobe Photoshop and was hooked on creating imagery for family-owned businesses.

Gia began working in her father’s fashion house, Achille Dattilo Couture, in 1977 immediately at the beginning of her high school years. She learned the fashion industry from design, manufacturing, marketing and fulfillment.  It was at this time she was introduced to computer programs written for garment manufacturers.  At this time the World Wide Web was beginning to take form, and a whole new world was opened up to her. 

In 1981, her family decided to open an Italian restaurant with absolutely no experience or knowledge of the industry. The family had experience in owning and operating a business, but not a restaurant. At this time she had just started college, but had come from a college preparatory high school and had 2 years of accounting classes under her belt, which allowed her to help run the day to day operations. She attended Whittier College where she was introduced to Pascal programming. She continued to work at the restaurant and the fashion house for the next 12 years utilizing her skill in programming, marketing and design.  Gia developed her love of the culinary world during this time with food and restaurant photography, wine and cheese pairing menus, and combining her love for marketing, website design and programming.

In 2000, Gia ventured off in the real estate world and started creating web pages in Dreamweaver for her listings using the address of the home as the URL (excellent SEO by the way!). She was ahead of her time using every technology-based software available to realtors.  Gia went on to obtain her broker’s license and started her own company doing real estate, loans and escrow.

Being a businesswoman with technology at her side and an intuition of what was coming down the pipeline, in 2006 with foresight, she sensed the "online real estate crash," and decided to dip into her creative side and launch one of the first online makeup and beauty schools that operated offline, with a strong online presence due to early-stage Internet experience. Her knowledge of makeup, fashion and photography came together, and her school was born. In the first year, she taught 120 students offline and each year afterwards maintained a class size of 250. The school continues to operate today on a much smaller scale by her daughter who is a Licensed Cosmetologist.

In 2016, a friend introduced her to a magazine publishing company that would franchise a city or local neighborhood. This concept was intriguing and Gia was able to see the financial reward in creating such an online editorial and advertorial platform with an offline publication.  After much research, she created San Clemente Lifestyle which in turn morphed into Ocean to Ranch Lifestyle.  Monthly gross revenue averaged $25,000 and continued until the primary business sold. The skills learned to create magazine content, ads that sell with call to action in every word; educated her in the extremely profitable world of digital advertising. 

With her vast knowledge, experience and online as well as offline success in website design, development, marketing and advertising, in 2018, she started her own Social Media Marketing management company for restaurants. Her experience in operating and marketing restaurants for her family business boosted immediate success.

Since 2018, Gia and her team have managed the online assets of 11 different restaurants.  Content creation, Shopify website design, SEO and copy-that-sells for online social media static and paid campaigns are the cornerstones of Clever Goat Media.  Our niche is restaurant website design with emphasis on visually pleasing photography, menu item descriptions, experiential copy and marketing; our focus is your success.  

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. If you have not scheduled our 30-minute consultation call, we invite you to do so by clicking the link below. now.