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Thank you for scheduling a Discovery Call with Gia Dattilo-Luciano.

When you scheduled the call, you would've received a call confirming your appointment.

Gia speaks with every potential client that our agency accepts engagement with. In order to prepare, we ask that you are available to speak with no background noise; no pets or children. Please be in a comfortable chair, in front your laptop/desktop, with a notebook and pen, for she will surely walk through any existing website you have and offer solutions to problems you may be experiencing.

Prepare to give her links to your social media marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tik Tok, and any other channel you have content on. She will also pull up links to your competition; both their social media and website. Gia will also need to see your website in great detail and will pull Inspect Reports from the browser and other online tools at her disposal to get a clearer picture into the backend technology and tracking software that you are using.

What we do here at Clever Goat Media has much to do with your target market. In other words, our specific niche focus is designing and building a website that will attract additional business to your offline establishment and increase your online social media engagement using strategic marketing copy and search engine marketing. Our #1 KPI is making your business THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME (GOAT for short).

We look forward to building a strong relationship with you that is successful throughout the years to come. Our personal attention to our clients want, needs and concerns is where we shine.


After the Call....